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HOW IT WORKS Texas Gold Card

The Texas Gold Card is your key to an exclusive organization that increases your spending power within a broad network of members, local vendors, and service providers. As a Texas Gold Card member, you purchase purity-certified gold through the Texas Gold Card program, which is deposited into a secure vault for a small maintenace fee. The physical gold always remains your property and you are given a Texas Gold Card worth twice the value of your gold with Texas Gold Card Reward Dollars during this introductory period.

Members are encouraged to use their Texas Gold Card to pay for goods and services offered by commercial participants of the Texas Gold Card program or just as a unique savings account. All account holders are provided with monthly accounting statements of their transactions, allowing you to easily track your profits, charges, and balances.

The Texas Gold Card has entered into an exclusive agreement with Phonoscope and is protected by their private cloud network.

Commercial participants enjoy these transactions without the burden of high credit card service charges. As soon as a member swipes their card in a business' card reader, which is provided to your business free of charge, the value of that purchase is immediately transferred into that business' Texas Gold Card account.

Membership Benefits

Texas Gold Card Benefits

Safe Storage

Your gold is stored in a secure high-tech facility for a low monthly fee.

Extra Security

Provided by Phonoscope private cloud network.

Personal Accounting

Monthly accounting statements.

Easy to Set up

Quick online access - username and password protected.

Monthly Fee

Monthly Card Fees @ 2% capped at $600 per month.


Your firm will be joining an exclusive organization of other members and participating vendors.

Safe Storage

Your gold is stored in a secure high-tech facility.

Card Reader

Complimentary Card Reader Included

Commercial Accounting

Monthly accounting statements.

VPN Access

For branch stores and offices if Phonoscope not available.


What Happened?
In 1932 there was virtually no national debt – and 1 ounce of gold equaled $20.
In 2017 the national debt is nearing $20 trillion and an ounce of gold is $1250.
How Much Is 1-Trillion Dollars?
Here are a few real-world visualizations to help you see what $1-Trillion dollars actually represents… $1,000,000,000,000.00

  • A distance of 96 Million miles – the same distance from the earth to the sun.
  • The same footprint as 2.3 million football fields.
  • A stack of bills 68 thousand miles high.

To get the US currency to full valuation with an ounce of gold.
The Texas Gold Card
A gold backed debit/savings/spending system designed to do the following:

1. Reward for savings
2. Gold dollars earned equal 5X each deposit
3. Gold dollars are a community currency shared by merchants and consumers.
4. We calculated each $5 trillian of debt as a factor of 1 to 20 trillion = a factor of 5.
5. This is the first step in a long journey to move the currency into full valuation.
A Solution Is Needed
How do we get back to the value of money equaling the value of gold?
And how do we accomplish this without wrecking the economy?
It took us 85 years to get into this quandary... And it will take time to get us out... But not 85 Years.

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Experience it For Yourself

It only takes a few minutes to signup.

Call now at 713-559-8100 and sign up Today!

Did you know?

You could wrap $1 bills around the Earth 77,271 times with the national debt amount! If you lay $1 bills on top of each other they would make a pile 2,167,834 km, or 1,347,029 miles high! How Much Is 1 Trillion Dollars